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    Show Post Title Before The Blog Title In Search Engine Index

    How to Show Post Title Before The Blog Title In Search Engine Index

    This technique will increase the  visitors from the search engine so please spend little time for this technique to get high traffic to your blog.

    1.     Login to your blogger account.

    2.     From your Dashboard click the option “Template”.

    3.     Now choose Edit Html. You will see your template code there. In that template code.



    And replace it with 

    <!-- Start Changing the Blogger Title Tag -->
    <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
    <title><data:blog.pageName/><b:if cond='data:blog.pageName'> - </b:if><data:blog.title/></title>
    <!-- End Changing the Blogger Title Tag –>

    4.     Now Save the Template.

    5.    After saving the template take a look at your blog post pages and your will notice the change in titles in your browser's title bar.


    Search Engines do not re-index your site every day. So these changes won’t be reflected onto Google Search result pages until Google’s crawlers reach that page again.

    Disable Right Click in Blogger / Blogspot

    Have you noticed, that some web sites do not allow their visitors using right mouse click while pointer is on the blog area. This option is useful for the site and blog owners, who want to minimize the possibilities of the content direct copying to other posts.

    Right click on any internet browser is very important element and we must use it when it comes to copy or editing texts and etc. It’s very important when it comes to webmasters too. but some people may use it in a bad way, and you may want to make click right disabled on your blog. to protect you text, images links and etc.

    To setup this tool in your blog Copy the Following code and paste it to your blog by adding a new page element.

    Step 1

    Go to Dashboard > Layout > Add Gadget > HTML / JavaScript

    Step 2

    Copy the code

    <script language=JavaScript>

    //Disable right mouse click Script
    //By Being Geeks
    //For full source code, visit

    var message="Function Disabled!";

    function clickIE4(){
    if (event.button==2){
    return false;

    function clickNS4(e){
    if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){
    if (e.which==2||e.which==3){
    return false;

    if (document.layers){
    else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){

    document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false")

    // -->

    and paste it in that blogger widget.

    Step 3

    Save the html/javascript and view you blog.

    When you will try to do right click, a message will tell you that “Function disabled” , and if you want to change this words” Function Disabled” Then simply find it in code and replace it.

    Google Block Apporval Adsense YouTube Trick For Getting Hosted Adsense For Blogspot

    Google adsense is the main choice for blogspot clients to earn great. Since most extreme of adsense options like Bing ads, Bidvertiser require own area for adapting. In prior days, a considerable lot of the bloggers got facilitated adsense account using Youtube trick. By utilizing this extreme trick, lot of blogspot clients got adsesne accounts. That adsense account could be utilized for both blogspots and youtube. It could be made inside 2 hours. Yet it might be worked for just blogspots which were not redirected to custom domain. Such a large number of bloggers have earned through their blogspots without redirection. But since March 2014, Adsense blocked this way of getting hosted adsense account for blogspots.

    Google Block Apporval Adsense Youtube Trick

    Completely approved adsense is the main decision to all who need to end up adsense publisher through their blogl. In the event that you have earned officially through your adsense account there is no compelling reason to stress over this. Since existing Hosted adsense accounts won't get banned without any reason by along  these  lines.

    But hereafter if you apply this trick, it will not work. If you apply for adsense account using Youtube trick, you will get a hosted adsense approval. But that account can be used only for Youtube earnings. You can't use for blogspots or anymore. Existing hosted adsense for blogspots will not get affected.

    Hereafter, if you need to get adsense for blogspots, you should send the application as usual for applying domains. But if you get adsense approved you can earn good through your blogs. Because, Google adwords serves ads to your blog through adsense. 

    Nowadays adwords is a best advertising site for all kind of business. So quality traffic will pay you good money. Apply for adsense and get fully approved adsense account. You can use fully approved adsense account for both blogspots and domain sites.

    Fix 99% Download Complete Error on IDM

    Of course you are so upset when the download is not completed or fails. This often happens when the download using Internet Download Manager (IDM) to be completed or reached (99%) and then download speeds to zero, then die and can not be resumed so the download is incomplete (not completed). Usually this problem occurs if the downloaded file size is too large. Such as games, movies, or other files. For that, I want to share the solution how to solve problems downloading files with IDM which stops at 99%.

    Work of IDM application is basically a file to be downloaded split into small parts. Like the 200 MB file will be split into 16 parts, and will be combined into a single file again at the end of the process. Well, when the merge file is often a problem in IDM. That is, the application of IDM too fast to merge files, while the downloaded file is incomplete.

    Before starting, the characteristics of the files that failed to be downloaded like this:

    • When the process to 99%, the time left is stopped
    • The download speed (transfer rate) on IDM increasingly slow and finally ended up at 0 kB / s 
    • On the status, only it says "connecting and send get".
    • If paused, can not continue (can not resume). If the resume, IDM will request a new URL address to complete the process and you will be asked to wait. (Do not wait, because it is not necessary).
    • If your resume and will appear something like this: "Can not download the file Because of timeout"

    If the above characteristics appear, then the you need to do is:

    1. Pause IDM.

    2. In the IDM toolbar, find and then choose Options.

    3. After that find and choose the option 'save to' and look for the words "Temporary directory". Copy the address. example, C: \ Users \ Jason \ AppData \ Roaming \ IDM \ DwnlData.

    4. Then clicking start on the start menu choose Seacrh, paste the address earlier in the Search.

    5. A new window will appear and open the folder, there, you'll see a lot of files, that files that have not completed the download by IDM.

    6. Find the folder of your file download failed. For example, you download a file name ef9c67893a5a61f7c7da09eb4e2efb_774, search the folder, and open the folder.

    7. Once opened, you will see 3 files. (here I find the files ef9c67893a5a61f7c7da09eb4e2efb, ef9c67893a5a61f7c7da09eb4e2efb52 file, and log_774).

    8. Hold this (just minimize the window), and then open the browser (I recommend using Mozilla firefox) then, open the website address where you downloaded the file that failed earlier. (Download again). The important thing here is, DO NOT USE IDM FOR DOWNLOADING. (Turn off the IDM, use the default download from Mozilla).

    9. Mozilla will give you the option where you will save the file. The file is saved in the folder you want. (for example on the desktop).

    10. The download process will be running. Well, after the download is running, PAUSE work of downloading.

    11. Open the folder where you saved the file before (here I am on the desktop, so it is open on the desktop). There you will find 2 files. For example (ef9c67893a5a61f7c7da09eb4e2efb.avi.part and ef9c67893a5a61f7c7da09eb4e2efb.avi)

    12. Open the window that you minimized earlier (window Temporary files folder) copy and paste a file to the desktop. Whatever you select a file (you experiment) no log files (Log files are not included)

    13. Well on the desktop right now, there are 3 files, 2 files from the downloaded Mozilla and 1 file from the copy of your files before.

    14. Next, rename the files you copy to extension. Part. (for example, rename files ef9c67893a5a61f7c7da09eb4e2efb52, to be ef9c67893a5a61f7c7da09eb4e2efb.avi.part) and delete the original Part file from Mozilla earlier. (Step 9)

    15. Open Mozilla, and then resume the download process before. And!!! Your file download failed at 99% is absolutely perfect!

    If the above steps do not work, then:

    • Try to copy the other files from the downloaded IDM and do the same thing in step 12 above.
    • If in the browser (Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, or Safari), when do resume the download process is not running and you've tried it several times, it means that the file downloaded from IDM damaged. The internet connection is not good.

    How To Add Facebook Like Box Widget For Blogger

    Today's we give full excercise about How to Add Facebook like Box Widget for Blogger in light of the fact that each blogger need to include facebook like box their site. Facebook is greatest approach to push your site in light of the fact that everybody utilizes facebook. Numerous approaches to push your site on facebook and facebook fan page is one of them. You can make facebook fan page for your online journal or site and increment like for your fan page. You can undoubtedly include your fanpage like box your blogger blog. So perceive how to add facebook like box gadget to your blogger blog.

    Add Facebook Like Box Widget

    You can add facebook like box widget for blogger easily with follow some simple steps:

    Step 1

    Log in into Blogger Dashboard and Go to Layout then click on Add a Gadget link as shown in below picture.

    Step 2

    Add HTML/JavaScript as shown in below picture.

    Step 3

    Insert below code into box.

    <iframe src="//
    scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none;
    overflow:hidden; width:312px; height:190px;" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>
    <a href="" rel="dofollow" target="_blank" title="blogger templates"><img src="" alt="blogger templates" border="0" style="position: fixed; bottom: 10%; right: 0%;" /></a><a href="" rel="dofollow" target="_blank" title="blogger widgets"><img src="" alt="blogger widgets" border="0" style="position: fixed; bottom: 10%; right: 0%;" /></a><div id="rpdr" style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 9px;">
    <a href="" target="_blank" title="like box Widget">Like box Widget</a></div>

    Tips: Change usmanali42 to your facebook page name. You can also change Width and Height as your requirement.

    Step 4

    Click on save button.

    Free Download WAMP Server

    WAMP Server is a program that permits to mount a nearby web server (in the home PC) on Windows with Apache, utilizing PHP as a programming dialect and Mysql as database supervisor. This product bundle is perfect for software engineers and web designers who need to test your PHP pages before distributed them on a remote server. 

    WAMP additionally incorporates the most recent forms of Apache, PHP and Mysql adaptations of the same, so on the off chance that you need to test a specific the earth. It likewise incorporates a web provision called Phpmyadmin for making and overseeing Mysql databases, and an alternate requisition called Sqlitemanager that serves the same reason as above. 

    Wampserver is answerable for the establishment of all parts without the client needing to design just about anything. 

    Requisition could be run from a symbol in the taskbar, and you can begin or stop each of the administrations at whatever time from the same interface, for instance, restart Apache. 

    WAMP Server 2.1a is the most recent variant (upgraded in December 2010) of this product to set up a web server that might be downloaded free of charge. 

    This variant is upgraded to Apache 2.2.17, PHP 5.3.3, Mysql 01/05/1953 (64-bit adaptation), Mysql 5.5.8 (32-bit form), and Sqlbuddy Phpmyadmin 1.3.2

    Download Method


    Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities

    While selecting a city to travel or for living our principle concerns have been dependably to take a gander at the security of our family and ourselves. While most of us have thought about the mainstream and most secure spots to live, travel or work. These cities are dangerous because of uncontrolled pill trafficking, brutality, political debasement and are exceedingly ruled by merciless and brutal posses filled by unlawful medication exchanging and arms. Here is a rundown of such top 10 most dangerous cities in 2014 for you to stay away from in the event that you don't wish to welcome inconvenience.

    1.Abidjan, Ivory Coast

    After years of ruthless violence and war, the security situation in Abidjan seems to have recovered recently, especially after the arrest of the former president Laurent Gbagbo. But the place still has a boiling sheet of uncertainty which is not safe, the outburst of which could be instant and quite unpredictable hence making it among the most dangerous places to step in. Abidjan, Ivory Coast is the World’s most dangerous city .

    2.Sana’a, yemen

    The capital city has been experience some of the worst time since long time, which includes the political instability adding to more crimes at higher levels. Although US and Gulf allies have been trying their best to restore peace in the place, but it is a long way to go for tourists to step in the city for a safe holiday.

    3.Nairobi, Kenya

    The place has been long targeted by militants especially, Al Shabaab militants, who have been threatening to attack during festive season such as Ramazan. The People have been living in tensed environment with little time and safe environment for locals itself there seems to be no safe place for tourists.

    4.Cape Town, South Africa

    The Place has been a great end for sightseers from around the globe, yet as we all feel minimal uncontrolled roughness accumulates more rough law violations and this is the thing that has happened with Cape Town. The Place is inclined to mugging and has been continually been seen engaging high wrongdoing rates, particularly the night life has gotten to be amazingly unusual with elevated amounts of wrongdoings and ambushes uncommonly focused on towards ladies. Cape Town is the fourth most dangerous city of 2013.

    5. Acapulco, Mexico

    Generally excellent city with not too bad measure of travelers going to the spot has transformed into an alternate casualty of vicious medication viciousness which has been overwhelming Mexico steadily from quite a while. With the stunning news of 10 mangled bodies found around the city made further negative effect on the city's picture. With the tourism authorities having less to say in regards to these frequencies, it remains the most exceedingly bad and the most feared spots to be on an occasion.

    6.Distrito Central, Honduras

    Over these years, the expanding levels of wrongdoing and open savagery has been noted in Distrito Central because of large amounts of destitution, Mafia and debased city falls on the course to South America to United States. The three spots included in Distrito Central are Honduras, Comayaguela and Tegucigalpa, joined together the cities have been encountering 100 over murders cases for every 100,000, which accounts around the most noteworthy number of homicide rates on the planet. The level of savagery is high.

    7.Chihuahua, Mexico

    The hotspot for Cocaine Smuggling and a famous course for going to United States, the city has been the home for horrendous Cartel Violence. The spot is the travel point for numerous sorts of medications, and so as to addition more control over the spot, abnormal amount of roughness is a typical site where furnished men randomly start shooting.

    8.Barquisimeto, Venezuela

    Barquisimeto, in Venezuela, is a spot with a populace of not more than 1,120,718, yet the most recent years Homicides are stunning and are disturbing for anybody to actually thing of being or going by the spot for any reason. There have been 804 Homicide cases enlisted a year ago and in excess of 71.74 killings for every capita. What's to come possibility of change in the spot is further discounted with the passing of Huge Chavez in the month of March not long from now. With a whooping number of 57 killings day by day this spot is an acceptable welcome to inconvenience and may be demise for visitors.

    9.Mogadishu, Somalia

    Consider Mogadishu and you may review the renowned Movie, "Dark Hawk Down", despite the fact that the film is old the circumstances in Mogadishu has not changed much, the spot has seen most exceedingly awful until something like two years back the individuals could expelled the Islamic radicals, who controlled the extensive parts of Mogadishu. Despite the fact that the city has been attempting to recuperate and even the Turkish Airlines flying in there, things do get truly eccentric with regards to the level of viciousness.

    10.Manaus, Brazil

    When known to be tranquil and a quiet town has converted into a town loaded with wrongdoing over these years. Because of its area between Rio and Tabatinga, the town turned into a great area for directing the unlawful activities. Tabatinga is the spot where all the medications are transported in and appropriated. Manaus is continuously utilized for exchanging the transported in pills through their conveyance courses and go to Rio where they are sold.the Violence because of pill exchange might be seen once in a while where even the innocents are not saved. The town is with a populace of 1,342,846 has a record of in excess of 945 Homicides a year ago and 70.37 for every capita murders.

    List Of Top 10 Most Strongest Armies

    A strongest armed force has a tendency to be facilitating the position of its nation in the entire world. Thus, it is important to have a solid armed force for the shield of the state. This subjective list of top 10 most strongest armies in 2013 is essentially based upon the armed force number, power and quality yet it rejects the quality based upon the nuclear force. Bigger the amount of the armed force men in a state, the stronger it will be to ensure the state. Lets observe whereupon armed force energy is facilitating its state on the top list.

    1. China

    China is the most populated country of the world also has the most powerful and largest army in the world. Its army was established in 1927 which composed of the PLA Navy, PLA Ground Force, PLA Air Force, Second Artillery Corpse and Armed Police. China’s army is also the strongest army in the world with 2,285,000 personnel, 54 surface ships, 61 submarines, 4,000 fighter jets and 8,500 tanks approximately. Its manpower is between the ages of 18 to 49 years old.

    2. United States of America

    United States of America is one of the largest and strongest armies of the world. It was found in 1775 and has 1,458,500 reserve personnel and 1,447,896 duty personnel. It is known as the second largest army in the world with 1,330 rocket projectors, 1,791 towed artillery pieces, 1,934 self-propelled guns, 18,539 armored fighting vehicles and 8,325 tanks. With its strongest nuclear power this army can come to the top of the list.

    3. India

    India is located in Asia and has the capacity to compete with the internal and external threats. It is one of the world’s largest importers of arms. It has an approximate 1,325,000 soldier count. It spends a lot on the military. It has a well trained army and also long distance hitting missiles on earth. It has been placed in the list of the world’s strongest armies of 2013.

    4. Russia

    Russia’s army is known as the Ground Forces of Russian Federation. Its army is composed of men with the ages of 18 to 27 years. Its front lines are always active with 754,000 army men and 1,200,000 members. With such huge manpower on the front line, Russia has made itself secure from the threats. The military education has been made compulsory for the army personnel and it has 2,155 towed artillery pieces, 2,646 self-propelled guns, 10,720 armored vehicles and 2,867 tanks.

    5. North Korea

    North Korea with its active front lines all the time is placed in the top ten list of strongest armies. It has a formidable army with 8,200,000 reserve personnel and 1,106,000 active personnel approximately in 2011. It has massive warfare resources with 1,600 rocket projectors, 3,500 towed artillery pieces, 1,600 self-propelled guns, 2,580 armored fighting vehicles and 5,400 tanks. It’s much of the military technology is outdated but still it is a threat to the world’s stability.

    6. South Korea

    South Korea is the neighbor of North Korea and its army is known as the Republic of Korea Army. It takes the men of ages between 18 to 35 years and has a compulsion of 21 months service in army to every man. With 506,000 troops it has approximately 1,240,000 ground force, 5,300 artillery pieces, 30 missile systems, 2,600 armored vehicles and 2,300 tanks. It has the best military equipment which is imported as well as produced domestically.

    7. Pakistan

    Pakistan has one of the biggest armies in the world. Its front line is always active with approximately 515,500 reserve personnel and 617,000 active personnel. It has 3,197 towed artillery pieces, 1,065 self-propelled guns, 5,745 armored vehicles and 3,490 tanks in its ground force. Whereas, its naval force includes 8 submarines and 11 frigates. Furthermore its air force is composed of 589 helicopters and 1,531 aircraft’s.

    8. Iran

    Iran is also called the great troop strength as it has the most powerful army in the Middle East countries. Its active personnel are divided into 15 air force groups and 14 lands groups with the total of 545,000 personnel. Its army is composed of 800 helicopters, 1,858 aircraft’s, 860 rocket projectors, 310 self-propelled guns, 1,500 armored vehicles and 2,895 tanks.

    9. Turkey

    Turkey also has the strongest front line to safeguard itself with its large army. Its army enrolls its men after the age of 20. Its total army headcount is 1,041,900 which is comprised of 429,000 active personnel and 612,900 active personnel. It has a well equipment of 570 helicopters, 1,512 total aircraft, 406 rocket projectors, 7,133 armored combat vehicles, 1,500 self-propelled guns and 4,460 tanks.

    10. Israel

    the army of Israel is also called the Israel Defense Forces. Its army enrolls its men after the age of 18. It has 565,000 reserve personnel and 187,000 active personnel. It has approximately 48 rocket projectors, 350 towed artillery pieces, 706 self-propelled guns, 1,775 armored vehicles and 3,870 tanks.

    Free change Your To Dot TK In Blogger

    Blogger is a free blog publishing platform and it provides free domains and free web hosting. If you feeling that your blog URL is too long and gives a bad impression then i find a way that you can easily convert your to
    Read the article carefully to add a free dot tk domain to blogger blog.

    Why Should I Convert to Dot tk: 

    Almost all search engines except google will never result your domain in their searching lists because is free as well as not a top level domain. More ever, the are also get blocked due to many reasons and you can't restore it. Follow the step by step guide to get free dot tk domain.

    Registration of Dot Tk Domain:

    1. Go to
    2. Enter your preferred domain name in the box as shown below and click on GO. You will be    promoted to next steps if the entered domain name is available otherwise choose a different domain name.

    3.When you are promoted, then enter your complete blogspot URL, select registration lenght and type verification code and click on Sign up. For signing up, you need an email id and for you kind information you can also Sign up by using your social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo etc.

    Dot Tk is a free domain that's why you need to produce up to 25 page views per 90 days for continue using Dot tk domain.

    Add Dot Tk to Blogger:

    1.Sign in to your blogger account by using your blogger Email id.
    2.Choose the blog for adding Dot tk domain and go to its Dashboard. Find Settings and then go to Basic option and then go to Publishing block as shown below in picture. Now click on Add a custom Domain.

    3.Put your Dot tk domain Address into Advanced setting box as shown in picture below. Now verify domain ownership by adding CNAME records. For this purpose click on Setting instruction and you will be redirect to the page that having generated CNAME values with complete set up instruction.

    Dot Tk DNS Configuration:

    1.Sign in to your Dot tk account and click on domain panel and select your domain and then click Modify option for the configuration of DNS settings of your domain.
    2.A pop-up window will appear(make sure that your browser cookies are enabled), choose Dot Tk DNS Service and configure your DNS settings as the picture shown below. Just change your domain name.
    3.You need two CNAMEs records, for first CNAME enter Host as "www' and type "" in ip address, destination or target field. These values are fixed for any blogger blog. Second CNAME records needs generated values which you can get from blogger page. See the below picture carefully.

    4.For second CNAME records you need Host Name field you need a dynamically generated name(highlighted in blue in above picture) and IP adress along dynamically generated values like ""(highlighted in pink). Select Record Type as CNAME records. These values are different for any blogger blog.
    5.You have to fill the Records Field as: Host Name: Your Dot tk Domain without wwwIP Address:
    6.Wait about 25 to 30 minutes for your domain DNS setting to activate.

    Saving Dot Tk Domain Settings In Blogger:

    1.Come back to your blogger page as shown blow in picture and save them.

    2.If you get any errors, wait for some time and then save Settings.

    3.Check the Redirect option as shown below.

    For any problems and difficulties feel free to comment below

    5 Real Ways to Earn From Facebook

    Facebook is one of the top most gone to sites with in excess of one billion month to month guests. Facebook enchantment has been spread so quick that it intrigued individuals fitting in with the distinctive societies & age aggregates all around the globe. Essentially the Facebook is a long range informal communication site that gives rich stage to make new associations with likeminded individuals, captivate with them and trade important data, contemplations and thoughts; however facebook might be utilized to gain cash in the various ways. You can gain hundreds and many dollars by simply sitting back in your home.

    Before going to the techniques on how to earn money on facebook you should remember one thing that facebook is not an online marketplace for buying & selling like Freelancer or Fiverr, yet you can earn from facebook with different techniques. Below mentioned facebook earning techniques are real one used by number of people to earn handsome earning; however most people are scared to share these techniques.

    Sell Product Via Facebook Marketplace

    Facebook marketplace permits clients a socially associated stage to purchase and offer items. Utilizing facebook marketplace you can offer your marked items and additionally elevate another person items to gain attractive requisition. Marketplace additionally empowers you to offer physical items, for example, vehicles, machines, laptops and so on; rent houses & flats, give administrations and offer occupations.

    You don't need to stress on the off chance that you have zero financing or you don't have anything to offer. Simply sing up to click bank or other pertinent site, select any items and push them on your facebook. You can basically glue offering connections in your notices; however the most ideal approach to advertise these items is through committed facebook page.

    Make a Facebook Page  

    Develop a facebook page on particular topic (Let say page related to fitness). Increase page fans (through facebook ads or by requesting friends) and then promote relevant products (Fitness medicines, DVDs or EBooks). Through this technique is a bit time consuming but the earning levels are beyond your thoughts. So give a try to this. Remember that you will require fewer efforts to get earning if you are successful to publish viral posts and able to get enthusiastic fans on your facebook page. Moreover if your page is successful to grab high number facebook fans so business will contact you for promoting their products, thus opening another income avenue. 

    Work as an Ad Arbitrager

    With the interesting focused on ads characteristic of facebook more individuals and organizations are intrigued to advertise their items on facebook. This brings a brilliant open door for everybody to turn into a commercial arbitrager and give focused on ads to the client utilizing facebook ads administration. Utilizing this method you can procure great sum on requisition on every new like your customer's fan page gets.

    Become a Facebook party planner 

    Facebook has built within affair feature; why not to investigate the idea? Without a doubt you should use that feature in the revolutionary way to earn few bucks monthly. Facebook lets you compel gathering or even affair company, provide them continual revisions, and also upload article gathering info & pics. This kind of feature is simple to utilize even so you have to energetic individual to get additional purchases and prepare the wedding efficiently.

    You possibly can develop Facebook webpage (Like “XYZ Facebook gathering planners”), explain to folks regarding the value connected with Facebook gathering coordinator and in addition allow the phone number for them to directly contact and also retain the services of the service. Developing a visiting cards and also circulating the idea on the firms & companies would likely also be really powerful.

    Facebook market researcher 

    Organizations stay in hunt to investigate better approaches for arriving at to their focused on clients. Facebook is novel stage having existing clients & potential clients of every last one of businesses, ages and diverse geological areas. Notwithstanding somebody needs to tap this data (Most organizations are still uninformed or terrified to use huge assets on facebook organizations). This gives extraordinary open door to the individuals who have essential aptitudes of statistical surveying. By utilizing the statistical surveying strategies with data on organization's focused on crowd on facebook you can set up an exhaustive report that can pay you a great return of your work.

    Are you earning money on Facebook? Do you know any other way of earning money on facebook? Let us know by commenting below.  


    An intelligence agency is basically an agency that works for the government. Collection, analysis and exploitation of information and intelligence that later helps in national security, defense, enforcement of laws and defining foreign policy objectives; are some of the functions a good intelligence agency serves. Each country has its own distinct intelligence agency that has broad dimension and international networks. These agencies are also involved in recovery of most of the data about criminals. People working in these agencies are called as agents who are extremely devoted and involved with the state affairs. The agents of the Intelligence agencies also work and help in the recovery of the lost people in the world. Both overt and covert methods are used for gathering secret data. Let’s have a look at the top 10 World’s Best Intelligence Agencies 2014

    1. ISI, Pakistan

    ISI stands for Inter-Services Intelligence and is the main intelligence agency for Pakistan. This has been ranked as the world’s best intelligence agency by the American Crime News. Major aim of the agency is to protect national interests, pay heed to matters of political and social interests and advise the military in taking appropriate steps. Safeguarding nation from domestic and foreign enemy attacks along with counter-terrorism steps also highlight the objectives. This agency has played vital and effective role during Kargil & Afghan Wars and Kashmir operation.

    2. CIA, USA

    Central Intelligence Agency is the independently functioning intelligence agency of the United States of America. This functions under Direction of Nations Intelligence and has the major objectives of collecting, organizing and analyzing information from all national and foreign contexts. This information is then made available to policy makers so that they can formulate the laws and rules best for national interest. 

    3. MI-6, United Kingdom 

    MI-6 is normally called as Secret Intelligence Service and is one of the best  intelligence agencies of the world. It was formed in 1909 and has its head quarter located in London. This agency works in joint collaboration with Government Communications Headquarters and the Internal Security Service. Ensuring national security and informing government of any unusual activity is the major function of the agency.

    4. FSB, Russia

    FSB stands for Federal Security Service and is the main security agency of Russia. It was founded in early 1990’s and since then has developed periodically. Today and even in the years to come it would be ranked among the top most efficient intelligence agencies of the world. Major aim of the agency is collecting information. Protecting national interests and taking counter-terrorism steps for enhancing country’s security. With over 250 thousand staff, special agents and squads, the agency’s main office is located in Moscow.

    5. BND, Germany 

    BND is an abbreviation of Bundesnachrichtendienst, which in English means Federal Intelligence Service. This agency was created after World War II and since then has been one of the leading intelligence agencies of the world. The major aim of agency is collecting secret information and security secrets of German government are also under the domain of BND. Gathering intelligence data and detecting threats about criminal and terrorist activities is also the objective of this agency.

    6. Mossad, Israel 

    Mossad id the intelligence agency for Israel and was formed in 1949. It is one of the most successful intelligence agencies of the world and has keen interests in covert operations and paramilitary activities. Their major focus is on Arab nations and other organizations of the world. This agency has also been extensively involved in clandestine and concealed movement of Jewish refugees out of Syria and Iran. In 2014, the agency is expected to rise to distinct levels of functioning. Because of their strong power and role, the chance of having a nuclear war in Israel was subsided.

    7. RAW, India

    RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing. It is the external agency of India that was formed in 1968. Major objective of the agency is protecting national borders and keeping an eye on all such circumstances that could lead to any war situation. Agency is also active for counter-terrorism in India and for this purpose gathers and analyses information from foreign government, individuals and corporate’s perspectives.

    8. KHAD, Afghanistan 

    KHAD stands for Khadamat-e Aetla’at-e Dawlati, which in English means State Intelligence Agency. Though afghan agency has not been on major fronts after the civil war in Afghanistan in 1996, in 2014 this intelligence agency may become highlighted again. It is stated by many political analysts that KHAD is basically being funded by RAW. The agency has a manipulative role and may become a pertinent source of or facilitator to any proxy war that could be fought in near future.

    9. ASIS, Australia

    ASIS stands for Australian Secret Intelligence Service. The agency was founded in 1952 and is supervised by a Director General. It is one of the most efficient intelligence agencies and has its basic interest centered in Asia and pacific regions. The efficient agents are spread round the globe and are working whole heartedly in protecting the national, economic and political facets of their country.

    10. DGSE, France

    DGSE is an abbreviation of Direction Générale De La Sécurité Extérieure. In English, this means General Board of External Security. This agency was formally formed in 1982 and operates under the Defense Ministry of French Government. Main motive of the agency is gathering foreign intelligence and protection of internal security. Organizational activities and operation details are not made public.






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